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mindfulness waterfall

What is mindfulness?


Mindfulness has many definitions resulting from an array of lineages, philosophies, and research methods.  While largely derived from early Buddhist teachings, my approach is to draw out the essence of what is most relevant for today's world - in an accessible and completely secular way.  Historical concepts are most useful when they answer questions that people are living with now.

Mindfulness is:

                   paying attention

                   to the present moment

                   on purpose

                   without judgment

                   with curiosity

It is the element of curiosity that transforms mere redirection of attention into wisdom and insight that then can lead to the benefits of mindfulness.

In the shorter term, mindfulness is about helping to reduce stress reactivity, which has the potential to positively impact a range of physical and psychological conditions.  This is enhanced by setting out intentions which support that growth.
Having specific personal life goals are likely helpful for reaching milestones.  Mindfulness is not necessarily about reaching these goals in direct fashion.  Instead - longer term - it is a practice of being more awake to and gaining clarity about your current circumstances.
In this way, the decisions you make and behaviors you express to those around you align more closely with your values.  You are actually changing your immediate environment, allowing your goals to arise more naturally and comfortably.
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