Reduce Stress, Increase Resilience, Enhance Compassion


Mindfulness Private Coaching

Learn about your habits, make and refine your goals, and better understand how your feelings are not your intentions.

You know you want to make the leap to more fully engage what ails you.  You also know that you barely have time to do what needs to get done every day just to keep your nose above water.  


With Mindfulness Private Coaching ("MPC"), you set the schedule for a time convenient for you.  You and I connect via web conferencing - live, online, fully interactive - without the hassle of your spending precious time commuting in traffic, finding and paying for parking, and carving out yet more time you don't have.  If you live local to Greater Boston, we can meet in person.

During MPC sessions, we utilize many of the same techniques and processes found in group mindfulness programs, except that it's one-on-one where you get my full attention.  You and I will customize an MPC program that fits your specific needs. We will adjust and augment as you progress.  

These sessions are appropriate both for beginning and experienced practitioners, from any background or belief.  In all instances, the sessions will be completely secular.

Typically, an MPC program would be a one-hour session, once per week, for eight weeks.  Included are guided meditations, mindfulness exercises, intention training, and deliberative, thoughtful discussions.  You will also be given home assignments to practice between sessions so your more skillful approach starts to become an everyday habit, 


After eight weeks, you will attain a strong foundation, from which we will discuss how you would like to proceed.  Most clients prefer to continue with one hour every other week to maintain momentum, learn additional practices, and explore issues more deeply.  But of course, that is completely up to you.

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MPC is offered at USD $250 per hour, or USD $1,550 for a package of eight one-hour sessions.  All rates are on a sliding scale to help accommodate those less able to pay.  

The initial consultation is always free.  

Please contact me using the Contact tab on the website or directly at, with any questions or to schedule your initial consultation.

Recent Reviews

I work in Finance at Goldman Sachs, a major US bank and investment company. Bryan has been coaching me every two weeks for the past few months. Thanks to his thoughtful advice, I have made tremendous progress in both my personal and professional life. Bryan is a gifted listener and makes me feel heard. He always supplements my thoughts by bringing in new and important perspectives I hadn’t considered as well as offering strategies for helping me find my way through obstacles. He has allowed me to grow at a much faster pace than I would have by myself. Our coaching sessions have helped me become more successful professionally and happier in my personal life. I highly recommend Bryan. 

Quentin Domenjoud


I am a finance executive AIG, a global insurance company based in the U.S.  I very much enjoyed the mindfulness private coaching sessions with Bryan over the past eight weeks.  The classes were informative and fulfilling and there were lots of materials to guide me through the process.  The meditations and exercises helped me learn to connect, and remain connected, to the present moment, enhancing my ability to make clear and informed decisions. 


Bryan was very flexible scheduling our sessions and he was always willing to adapt to my circumstances.  He is an amazing coach who takes the time to explain the concepts that helped me become aware of body discomfort and distress.  His soothing voice made it so easy for me to trust him and I became far more relaxed by following his meditation and breathing techniques. 


I am looking forward to taking another course with Bryan soon.  I highly recommend these mindfulness sessions to anybody who may need them.


Andres Gil